Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Splish Splash!

Summer is still here! Being born and raised in Southern California, my thoughts automatically turn to the beach, the pool, the lake... just about anywhere I'll need a bathing suit & towel - and anywhere I can stay cool. Did I mention that it was 109 degrees here over the weekend? Yikes!

I've created Splash Bag's in several different patterns that are perfect for carrying your wet bathing suit and towel, without getting everything else in your bag wet! Please see our Etsy shop for a sampling of our gorgeous fabrics.

My 100% cotton drawstring splash (wet) bags are lined with 100% waterproof fabric and close with a double-drawstring cotton cord. They are machine washable and dryable. With my Splash Bag, you will never have a wet beach bag,suitcase or diaper bag again! They are perfect for your wet swim clothes, gym clothes, or soiled items - especially useful in your diaper bag.

This fabric is Woodland Delight by Paula Prass (LOVE, LOVE Paula Prass fabrics!)The background is chocolate brown with vibrant colored flowers in pink, orange, & white. You've gotta love the versatility of this bag. It sure beats taking a plastic grocery sack to the beach!


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