Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Rooms

My backyard patio is one of my most favorite "family rooms" to hang out in. I love being surrounded by nature, even if it's in a small space such as this one.

When we first moved into our house 20 years ago, the yard was nothing but dirt. My husband, Brad planted every plant that you see. He is a master in the yard!

We never thought we'd be able to fit a pool in our small yard! It measures 14' x 34' at it's widest points and is a perfect size for us. Brad carved and painted most of the surrounding rocks himself.

I love to sit here in the mornings with my coffee and the paper. What's your favorite family room?

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  1. Gorgeous! I love it...what a wonderful place to sit down and relax. Kudos to your husband!

    P.S. Is that the location for some of your Splash bag photo shoots?

  2. Thanks Heather! Yes, that is my photo background. :)